Here's a story about how depression killed my magnum opus dream project.

It all started back in 2018. I saw the Launchpad app and wanted to create a product that allows you to build an Awwwards-level website just as effortlessly as you can make music with Launchpad.

Long story short, I failed. My depression lead to lack of mental resources to build such app. Here's my story.

It all started with this pitch I wrote about Project Orca, named after a majestic apex predator:

I saw that YCombinator was open for projects and I recorded the pitch video. Needless to say it wasn't accepted. Manic episodes already started at that time but I wasn't aware of what they really are and what they'll lead to.

But I didn't need the money they give, I could build such an easy project myself because later I decided to cut the original full-blown dynamic functionality to just the static landing pages generator with a hosting.

I read The Lean Startup and summarized it for myself:

I was working with Alexander Isora to grasp some of his experience to create a PR strategy. Here's what I come up with after: